• Bijnor – Not Less than a Miracle

  • Looking back at the wonders that took place in the lives of the missionaries, it can easily be said that Bijnor is not something that ‘just happened’, but it is a modern-day example for God’s mercy and caring. Because, every single individual of this mission was graciously protected by the Lord. He Himself looked after the growth of the Mission! Though the Mission suffered great losses in the tragic deaths of some of the pioneer missionaries in the accident that took place in Satpuli (a hill station about 50 kms away from the Bishop’s House, Kotdwar) in 1981, the Lord was kind enough to knit us together again and work through us, making us feel as one body and mind in Him.

    With abundant grace of God and the support of friends in India and abroad, the Diocese grew vividly. Each of their mite worked wonders as it reached the designated beneficiaries. Most of those friends have often acknowledged this as well. They multiplied a hundredfold, manifesting God’s abundance of blessings. The missionaries – Bishop Gratian and his team of dedicated and committed priests and nuns – stood together in times of difficulties, trifles and tribulations. And finally, their hard work paid off as they manifested God’s love for the people through their lives and missionary activities.

  • Bijnor – A Mission for All

  • Ever since its inception, Bijnor diocese has been rendering service to people of all walks of life, irrespective of their caste, colour, ethnicity or religious beliefs. Through its social uplift programmes, the diocese speaks of the command of Christ: “Love one another as I have loved you; through your love, let all know that you are my disciples.” And it is Christ who gives the missionary community the energy and vigour to go ahead in this noble act of social reformation – whether it is by way of our educational institutions, social work programmes, health apostolate activities etc. in this far off region of the Himalayas in the northern part of India. The missionary community spares no one; all are welcome here - the mentally and physically challenged, the hearing impaired and visually impaired, the orphaned, the widowed, the lepers, the destitute etc. in short, it becomes everything for everyone that comes under its care. The priests and sisters of the diocese minister to the pastoral needs of all who come under their care.

  • The Shepherds

  • Having led the diocese for about 37 long years, Bishop Gratian handed over the baton to Fr John Vadakel, another Carmelite priest who looked after the construction of many of the houses in the diocese during Bishop Gratian’s tenure, along with his other designated duties. Bishop John Vadakel took over as the Shepherd of the Diocese on 22 October, 2009. During Bishop John’s tenure, the Mission witnessed expansions in the Himalayan regions of Uttarakhand.

    Having shepherded the diocese for about 10 years, Bishop John Vadakel entrusted Fr Vincent Nellaiparambil, a diocesan priest serving as Professor of Moral Theology at St Joseph’s Major Seminary, Prayagraj with the responsibility of leading the diocese. Bishop Vincent took over as the new Bishop of Bijnor on 01 November 2019. He is assisted by a team of enthusiastic and zealous diocesan and religious priests. A good number of religious sisters also give their full support and dedicated service for the accomplishment of the welfare programmes for the people of the land.

  • The Journey Ahead

  • The journey is still continued. The vision of the missionary community is being sustained. It reaches out to the last, least and the lost. We aim at reaching the unreached, embracing all. We still wish to give shelter to all; as we do not have any discrimination against anybody – as has been taught by our Teacher and Master!

Friends of Bijnor